Why Infrastructure Protection?

Why Infrastructure Protection?

In today’s interconnected and global operating environment, companies’ assets are now increasingly information-based and intangible and as result the security of this information and the physical and IT assets that store this valuable data are vital to the integrity and well-being of the organization.


Today, physical server rack door lock systems encompass physical access, video surveillance and storage, identity management, and much more. Alarm systems are used to protect facilities and their contents from unlawful entry and access to corporate assets are safeguarded by the use of employee ID badges, software application passwords, and other access control technologies, such as magnetic cards and readers to biometric finger scans.


While these security systems are all designed to deliver a common objective, the systems that protect physical assets and those that protect IT assets have evolved separately and as a result there is a lack of integration and interoperability between the physical and IT security world.


With today’s heightened security concerns, this lack of integration increases security risks and limits corporations’ efforts to establish centralized control of security and develop integrated risk management strategies.  Without an integrated approach to security, organizations are simply unable to pursue cost synergies, fully address privacy issues, or ensure compliance with a growing number of government and industry regulations.


With over 70 percent of companies today outsourcing some IT function, the sharing of IT infrastructure and the security implications of managing remote assets are real world issues.  Data centers are especially vulnerable due to exposed cable entry points and reticulation, unmanned locations and mixed vendor environments with frequent third-party service intervention.  In many situations, complex access control is required beyond the physical environment and building perimeter — namely at the IT asset level to cabinets front and rear, rack shelves, access panels, cable trays and patch panels.


TZ Infrastructure Protection, Inc. provides open and extendable server rack door lock systems that provide for integrated security and protection of your organization’s most valuable and sensitive assets where it really matters.