Services to Meet Your Needs

TZ is dedicated to providing expert technical support to ensure that our solutions integrate seamlessly with your enterprise system, fit perfectly with your objectives and deliver your specific environment needs.

System Design

When you choose TZ, you’re choosing an end-to-end protection solution. Our global team of experienced engineers can help you prepare and design all elements of your TZ Infrastructure Protection platform — lock mounting, sensor locations, cable layout and system integration.

Customized Software Development

Our software developers can extend and enhance our platform TZ Centurion™ Server by developing new and innovative applications that address your particular infrastructure challenges and business requirements including specific user interface configurations, management reports, workflow developments and application integration.

Maintenance Services

Our technical services team offers a range of maintenance services to help keep your TZ Data Center & IT Infrastructure Protection platform up-to-date and continuously available with 24/7 technical support on a global basis. We also offer management and monitoring services to troubleshoot and help you solve any acute performance issues, to check and evaluate system interfaces and to optimize your Infrastructure Protection platform.