TZ Praetorian™ Trigger

TZ Praetorian™ Trigger

Visually Communicates Multiple Door Status.

The TZ Praetorian Trigger is a server door lock indicator and interface device that visually communicates the status of up to 12 doors and allows authorised users to open doors with the push of a single button. Coloured LEDs behind each button indicates the locking state of the cabinet or enclosure doors.


Each button can be labeled to correspond to the enclosure door that it is linked to and can trigger.

  • RED means all enclosure doors are closed and secure.
  • ORANGE flashing indicates access is currently authorised and a button push will open the enclosure. This is the only state in which a button push will have any effect.
  • GREEN means that the door is open or is not secure.


Each button can be labeled to correspond to the enclosure door to which is linked to and can trigger. The TZ Praetorian   Trigger receives power and data communications from the TZ Praetorian Junction over standard patch cabling connections.


The door lock status indicator device can be mounted onto a cabinet, wall, or electrical junction box in a location convenient for use and for viewing the status of all enclosures in the system. TZ recommends that it is placed at the end of a row of cabinets or near the entrance of a room in close proximity to the card reader.



  • Compatible with structured cabling standards for 100m length.
  • Server door status indicator features coloured LEDs indicate status on all connected doors.
  • Triggers up to 12 doors.
  • Flexible mounting options.
  • Standard labeling identifies cabinet.


  • Industry standard cabling facilitates installation into existing infrastructure.
  • Strong visual display easily identifies status and access to cabinet doors.
  • Capable of controlling multiple locks with one interface device for an economical installation.
  • Does not require additional power connection, simplifying installation.
  • Suitable for mounting within data center cabinets or for wall mounting.
  • Complies with industry standard labeling.