TZ SwingHandle™

TZ SwingHandle™

Upgrade With TZ Intelligence.

TZ SwingHandle is a new innovative locking handle for data center cabinets that offers true flexibility with an upgrade path from its “TZ Ready” base form as a manual swing-handle lock to a fully intelligent TZ SMArt Device via an in-situ, simple-to-install electronic upgrade module. The electronic upgrade module will be available in Q4 2015.

The fully upgraded electronic TZ SwingHandle™ device provides all the features of the TZ SlideHandle™ complete with SMA actuator, controlled release option, multi-colour visual door status indicator, emergency keyed release and electronic door status sensor. Like TZ SlideHandle, the TZ SwingHandle (when fully upgraded) is powered and controlled via standard structured cabling.

The TZ SwingHandle can be installed wherever a standard swing handle is currently used. The TZ SwingHandle functions as a standard swing handle lock with the extra security of a Euro Profile key lock or a CombiLock. The TZ SwingHandle allows for a one-off installation of rack hardware, such as cams and push rods, to support regular functionality.


TZ Ready Features

  • Mechanical key lock only.
  • Ready for in-field electronic upgrade.
  • Compatible with direct-drive single or multi-point locking.
  • Fits industry standard door handle cut-outs.
  • TZ cabinet handle locks can be configured for the handle to rotate 90 degrees CW or CCW.

TZ Enabled Features

  • Field upgradeable module for full electronic locking capability.
  • Upgrade can be completed without removing handle from door.
  • Touch sensor for handle actuation.
  • Integrated hall sensor for door status feedback.
  • Multiple status LED indication for visual feedback.
  • Utilises structured cabling for power and data communication.
  • Connects to TZ Praetorian and TZ Centurion Systems.


  • Surface mount design of the electronic door lock handles can be fitted by OEM data cabinet manufacturers.
  • Fits many cabinet brands with mounting hardware suitable for industry standard 25mm wide swing handle openings eliminating need for on-site door modifications.
  • TZ cabinet handle locks are compatible with currently available single-point and multi-point latching as well as split French doors.