TZ SlideHandle™

TZ SlideHandle™

Retrofitable Intelligent Locking Device for Cabinet Doors.

TZ SlideHandle is an intelligent locking device that offers a retrofittable replacement for traditional manual swing-handle data center cabinet locks. Designed to be installed onto a broad range of cabinets and enclosures, this server rack lock leverages its embedded micro-processing, integrated sensing and switching capability to offer the next generation of electronic locking.


  • RED indicates the cabinet door is closed and secure.
  • ORANGE (flashing) indicates access is authorized and is ready for release by pushing the top of the lock.
  • GREEN shows the door is open.


TZ SlideHandle server cabinet locks are powered and controlled using either RS485 serial data communications or dry contact closure via standard UTP Cat5e/Cat6 cabling through a TZ Praetorian Junction or TZ Centurion Bridge. TZ SlideHandle can also be direct connected to standard access control or dry contact closure systems.



  • Simple surface mounted installation on outside of door.
  • Server cabinet locks fit most cabinet brands.
  • Connects to control system using RJ45 and Cat5e/6 cabling. Complies with TIA/EIA requirements.
  • Mechanism provides industry standard one quarter turn action for single and multipoint systems.
  • SMA actuated locking mechanism.
  • Electronic cabinet lock defaults to locked when power is removed and incorporates a manual key release.
  • Visual LED status indication.
  • Multiple sensors for door status (locked/closed, unlocked/closed, unlocked/open, locked/open).


  • Surface mount design retrofits existing manually keyed cabinet handle latching systems to enable integrated electronic access, monitoring and recording of all access events.
  • Mounting hardware which is suitable for industry standard 25mm wide openings eliminates need for on-site door modifications. Can also be face mounted.
  • Utilising RJ-45 based twisted pair cabling infrastructure provides up to three times more cost-effective implementation.
  • Server cabinet locks offer compatiblity with single-point and multi-point latching as well as split French doors.
  • No magnetic emissions eliminates the risk of damaging magnetic storage systems.
  • Maintains the integrity of the cabinet security but also allows authorised personnel to over-ride the system in an emergency.
  • Provides visibility up to 30m; indictates locked / ready to unlock / unlocked doors.
  • Provides real-time monitoring of events, can raise alarms for unauthorised access and provides a complete audit trail to meet compliance requirements.