TZ Multi Port Link

TZ Multi Port Link

The TZ Centurion Multi Port Link is a TZ network component that provides cost effective RJ45 port replication, TZ Sensor module connection, power injection and daisy chain networking for the TZ Centurion System. One TZ Multi Port Link can provide power and serial data connection for up to four TZ devices and RS-485 serial data connections for the continuation of the network.


The TZ Centurion Multi Port Link can also act as an inline power injector to power TZ devices and provide four additional I/O connectors for accessories like sensors, in-cabinet task lighting and fans. Additionally, the TZ Centurion Multi Port Link can be used to interface dry contact closure systems to TZ locking devices configured for 2 wire or closing contact operation.



  • Extends TZ Centurion RS485 network and provides RJ45 port replication for TZ Centurion Bridge systems.
  • Provides a power injection point to supplement TZ Centurion Bridge power when more than 32 TZ locking devices are powered from the TZ Centurion Bridge. Power supply sold separately.
  • Provides flexibility in cabling schemes for connection of TZ locking devices on server rack doors.
  • Screw terminals to connect TZ Sensor modules or to gain access to auxiliary I/O for cabinet level automation functions.
  • TZ server rack locks for doors offer easy mounting within the cabinets.
  • Internal switch to enable simultaneous triggering of all connected devices when used in 2 wire mode. For example, a single dry contact closure input will release all connected TZ devices.
  • One RU Rack mount kit available for mounting up to three TZ Centurion Multi Port Links.


  • Provides cost effective Port replication to connect TZ locking devices to TZ Centurion Bridge systems.
  • Allows flexibility and efficiency when used in conjunction with structured cabling systems.
  • Provides connection to auxiliary devices such as TZ Sensors for economical environmental monitoring and to third party devices such as in-cabinet task lighting, network cameras and fans.
  • Features power injection point for local powering when distances exceed TIA specified distances (100 meters) or power load on TZ network exceeds recommended levels.
  • Can be used as a network hub for extending network branches.
  • Flexible mounting options allow for fixing to most surfaces.