TZ Wiegand Translator

TZ Centurion™ Wiegand Translator

Interfacing with Input Devices.

The TZ Centurion Wiegand Translator device connects to a TZ Centurion network and provides access control by interpreting a Wiegand data stream from third party credential readers such as RFID and biometric scanners. This Wiegand access control device also provides a constant 12V DC output to power the third party credential reader.


The TZ Centurion Wiegand converter can also operate as a stand-alone unit with an attached 3rd party credential reader to control a small group of networked TZ Locking devices.



  • Allows third-party Wiegand credential reader devices to trigger the TZ Centurion system.
  • This Wiegand door access controller is powered from the TZ structured cable network.
  • Screw terminals for connection to third party Wiegand device.
  • Provides third party reader with external power, 12/24vdc bus power pass-through or 12vdc from TZ bus via integrated transformer.


  • Supports industry standard Wiegand authentication devices such as card readers and biometric scanners.
  • Uses structured cabling for power and data facilitating easy and economical installation.
  • Features simple installation procedure to connect third party credential readers to the TZ network.
  • Compact size and form facilitates easy installation.
  • Communicates an audit trail of authorised and unauthorised attempts.
  • TZ Wiegand access control can be used as a stand-alone controller for a smaller network of TZ devices.
  • Allows organisations to use their preferred credential reader on the TZ Centurion System.