TZ Centurion™ Server

TZ Centurion™ Server

Controlling Assets Remotely

TZ Centurion Server is an application built on a Microsoft® Rich Internet Applications (RIA) platform which enables centralised remote management of critical assets managed by the TZ Centurion System such as computer cabinets, high tech equipment and other secure environments.

TZ Centurion Server communicates, controls, manages and reports on multiple TZ Centurion installations, managing all devices residing within the integrated system of networked TZ locking devices, sensors, gateways and other third party components like card readers, biometric devices and in-cabinet webcams. The platform stores all captured data, events and logs in a securely accessible central SQL Server® database and leverages smart client technology for its cross-browser user interface.

TZ Centurion Server can be customised for existing enterprise applications like building management, system maintenance, enterprise resource planning, configuration management, geographic information systems and customer web portals.



User Interface

  • Rich and smart web user interface, for both computer screens and handheld devices.
  • Only accessible after authentication and authorisation server foundation.
  • Running on Windows® Server and central SQL Server® database.
  • Multi-user, multi-device and multi-gateway support.
  • Manages a broad range of TZ and third party devices including TZ locking devices, TZ Sensors, webcams, card readers, biometric devices and network gateways.
  • Real-time monitoring of TZ devices and event logging.
  • Role-based user access to accommodate different types of users like facility managers, security officers, engineers, IT staff and analysts.


  • TZ’s remote access control application provides secure control over the network for authorised users.
  • Real time alert notification via email and SNMP traps for subset of system events.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communication between server hardware and software end points.
  • Secure multi-point proprietary RS485 communications between hardware and security devices.


  • Welcome screen showing key charts, data feeds and performance indicators.
  • Basic access management and issues management for operational cards.
  • Operational reports on environment factors and access of assets.


  • Integration with other applications and systems through web service APIs, data integration, and SNMP.


  • Assets, devices and data are organised and presented based on customer’s needs and standards.
  • Status of all assets and their environment visually presented, up to date and easily perused.
  • Varying levels of data mining and access can be granted on a user-by-user, or organisation basis.
  • Physical visits can be planned, coordinated and scheduled, or physical access can be granted on demand.
  • TZ’s remote access control application provides complete audit trails and traceability.
  • Scalable architecture with upgradeable modules and extendable functionality.