TZ Centurion™ Port Link

TZ Centurion™ Port Link

Networking Interconnect Modules.

The TZ Centurion Port Link is a TZ network security product that provides RJ45 port replication, TZ Sensor module connection and continuation of the TZ RS485 serial data network for the TZ Centurion System.


The TZ Centurion Port Link provides a connection for one TZ locking device plus RS-485 and power connections for the continuation of the TZ network or connection of an additional TZ device (if it is being installed at the end of a network branch) and has I/O connectors for accessories like sensors, in-cabinet task lighting and fans.


Additionally the TZ Centurion Port Link can be used as a stand-alone component to interface Dry Contact closure systems such as a relay output to one TZ locking device (when configured for 2 wire or closing contact mode).



  • Extends the TZ network and connects additional TZ locking or Wiegand devices.
  • Screw terminals for auxiliary I/O devices.
  • Connection of one TZ locking device and continuation of the TZ network or connection of two devices at end of a network branch.
  • Can be used stand-alone to connect a TZ locking device (configured to operate in dry contact mode) to a building access control or other “relay output” system.
  • LED power indicator.


  • Connects and extends structured cabling systems facilitating cost effective installation.
  • Provides flexibility in the design of the TZ network that combines structured cabling with daisy chain continuations or branches.
  • Provides connection to auxiliary devices such as TZ sensors for economical environmental monitoring and third party devices such as task lights and fans.
  • Small form factor and easily mounted.