TZ Centurion™ Bridge

TZ Centurion™ Bridge

Controls Up to 70 Devices.

TZ Centurion Bridge, an IP based gateway, is the central control unit for the TZ Centurion System that provides power and RS485 data communications to a range of TZ locking devices, TZ Sensors and third party credential readers connected to the TZ network through structured Cat5e / Cat 6 cabling.

The TZ Centurion™ Bridge can be operated as a stand-alone server security central control unit using the integrated TZ web client, part of a multi-TZ Centurion™ Bridge network managed by TZ Centurion™ Server Software or through custom integration with third party control systems using proprietary API level interfaces.



  • Proprietary IP to RS485 gateway provides power and RS485 communication to TZ devices via standard structured Cat5e / Cat6 cabling up to 100m and connection to IP networks or popular web browsers.
  • Easy to use web client application for quick system set up and management.
  • Remotely upgradeable firmware.
  • Comprehensive event and alarm logs stored locally with simple export functionality.
  • Ethernet port for IP connection and 8 RJ45 ports for the RS485 based TZ Network. Port replication to support up to 70 connected devices is provided by the TZ Centurion Multi Port Link and Port Links.
  • Supports environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity, liquid presence, intrusion) with the addition of TZ Sensors. System events and sensor threshold breaches can be alarmed to trigger relay output.
  • Supports third party Wiegand compatible readers and credential devices.
  • Compact form factor; can be mounted 0RU or 2 x TZ Bridges in 1RU rack mount bracket.


  • Server security central control unit enables the control of a network of TZ locking devices, TZ Sensors, readers and components in a cost effective, scalable and simply installed manner using industry standard structured cabling.
  • User friendly web interface for management, control, monitoring and system access.
  • Stores event records for audit trails – downloadable through the web interface from any location.
  • Records environmental data in CSV format – downloadable through the web interface or via a SD card for post processing and analysis.
  • Integrated POE style power supply provides powering to connected devices eliminating in-cabinet supplies.
  • Allows multiple 3rd party RFID card or biometric readers anywhere on the network.
  • Flexible mounting options and small size allows installation in most spaces and mounting kits allow rack mounting of two units per 1U of rack space.