Minimize Risk. Maximize Protection.

We know what keeps you up at night … that’s why we’ve developed extremely scalable security, sensing, monitoring and management solutions to protect your most valuable assets at the discrete asset level itself.


TZ data center security systems and infrastructure protection solutions comprise networked TZ locking devices, sensors, gateways and integrated third party components delivering unprecedented levels of security, monitoring, traceability and event management of a vast range of physical assets currently beyond the reach of existing security systems. When it comes to protecting your valuable information assets, controlled access to the physical environment only goes so far.Can you risk the chance of system breach?

Today, Locking Simply Isn’t Enough.

With national compliance mandates driving greater levels of data protection, IT and security managers are increasingly compelled to look for new levels of security beyond just controlling access to their data center buildings and spaces.


Innovative solutions that can integrate physical server security and environmental monitoring right down to the cabinet level are fast becoming a standard requirement. TZ is the leader in smart device technology and is at the forefront in providing new micro-protection solutions and server rack security systems to the data center market in asset and infrastructure protection.


TZ data center security systems offer the most cost effective, cabinet level locking solution that delivers physical security, environmental monitoring, authorised access control and real-time compliance reporting for the data center market.


Built on a scalable and extendable hardware and software platform, our server rack security system solutions enable enhanced functionality and utility that meet a broad range of end user requirements. TZ’s open software architecture can easily be integrated with third party systems, networks and protocols.