TZ Infrastructure Protection, Inc. is an operating business unit of Telezygology, Inc., the leader in the development of smart system solutions that enable localized locking, sensing, switching, remote actuation and networking of intelligent objects under the control of an open software platform.


Whether it’s a data center, industrial enclosure, medical cabinet or an aircraft interior, Telezygology, Inc.’s broad platform of  intellectual property and enabling technologies provide new “infrastructure” hardware and software solutions that offer an integrated and cost effective means of remotely securing, controlling, and auditing globally dispersed assets that can no longer be affordably managed by using people and traditional processes.


Telezygology, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of TZ Limited, an Australian public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:TZL).  Through its two subsidiaries, Telezygology, Inc. and Product Development Technologies, Inc.,TZ Limited employs over 130 professional resources deployed in 10 offices across five international locations in businesses focused on technology commercialization and multi-disciplinary design and engineering services.


In addition to its sales and marketing resources, the TZ Infrastructure Protection team comprises an impressive collection of designers, electrical and mechanical engineers and software specialists who play a vital role in developing and customizing our platform infrastructure solutions.