Think Data Center Security. Think TZ.

TZ Infrastructure Protection offers the most cost effective, cabinet level locking solution that delivers physical security, environmental monitoring, authorised access control and real-time compliance reporting for the data center market. Built on a scalable and extendable hardware and software platform, our system solutions enable enhanced functionality and utility that meet a broad range of end user requirements. TZ’s open software architecture can easily be integrated with third party systems, networks and protocols.

TZ PraetorianTM and TZ CenturionTM Systems Overview

Our two infrastructure systems are designed to address the different needs of our customers:

TZ PraetorianTM System

Praetorian System Diagram

The TZ Praetorian™ system solution is designed to work with existing third party building access control systems to extend physical security and audit trail capability down to the cabinet enclosure level.

TZ CenturionTM System

Centurion System Diagram

The TZ Centurion™ system solution truly defines micro-protection, with an IP based access control system focused on delivering physical security and environmental monitoring at the most granular level from anywhere in the world.

System Benefits

Cabinet Security Cabinet Security
Integrated Control Logic Integrated Control Logic
Greater Scalability Greater Scalability
No Magnetic Emission No Magnetic Emission
Elimination of Physical Keys Elimination of Physical Keys
Centralised System Management Centralised System Management
Complete Versatility Complete Versatility
Lower Investment Lower Investment
Environmental Monitoring Environmental Monitoring
Real-Time Visibility Real-Time Visibility
Low Energy Consumption Low Energy Consumption
Meeting Compliance Standards Meeting Compliance Standards

Minimize Risk. Maximize Protection.

Data Center Security



Industry compliance with electronic information protection.

Data Loss

Data Loss

Devices that can sense, act, lock and audit activity.



Physical security and environmental monitoring.

Risk Minimisation

Risk Minimisation

Track, report and trigger alarms on activities and events.

Client Testimonials

Control Circle
“TZ gives us the true cabinet level physical security we want to ensure our customers.”
“No other micro-protection options offer the same level of cost-effective scalability of the TZ Centurion platform.”
“The technical capability and responsiveness of the TZ team differentiates them from the competition.”
“The TZ Praetorian System renders each cabinet a self-contained, monitored and secure environment.”